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Title: Delivering Assemblies to Smaller Groups
Post by: Sara on September 24, 2020, 02:00:35 PM
Smaller Groups
The Corona Virus pandemic is causing schools to operate with smaller groups of children coming together.

This means the whole school Assembly is a much rarer event.

More Groups
Assemblies are being delivered in class based groups and this means the total number of Assemblies per week might be actually higher than it was last year. Assemblies might be being delivered by many more teachers, and in particular class teachers.

More Work
If you are responsible for Assemblies in your school, but are now having to provide them for other teachers to deliver.

The Solution
Why not use AssemblyTube Assemblies.

You can obtain individual Assemblies here (

But it is much more cost effective to become a Club Member ( and thereby be able to download any and all of our Assemblies. Club Members have access to well over 100 downloads.

Save yourself some time and use AssemblyTube Downloads (