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Leadership Competencies Needed by Aspiring Headteachers

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Leadership Competencies Needed by Aspiring Headteachers
« on: February 01, 2016, 04:13:21 PM »

Do you know someone who could become a great headteacher? Do they have these competencies? Encourage them. Send them a copy of this by clicking the "Send this Topic" button at the bottom of this post.

Moral purpose

Acts in principled ways built upon a clear set of personal values and is energised and motivated by making a positive difference to the lives of children and families. Believes schools have a crucial role in changing lives and improving life chances. Makes decisions with the best interests of children at heart.

Curiosity and eagerness to learn

Has a willingness to acquire new knowledge, skills and experiences regardless of the challenges involved. This includes making the most of opportunities despite being outside of one’s comfort zone. Enjoys discovering different ways of doing things.

Developing others

Proactively looks to develop and empower colleagues through mentoring, supporting, championing and guiding to bring out their best. Holding to account Empowers staff by giving them clarity about expected results and standards. Delegates by ensuring that individuals have the information and resources they need to do a good job, and that the expected standards are both challenging and realistic.

Impact and influence

Has a positive impact on students, colleagues and the wider community through bringing others round to their perspective. Understanding others’ perspectives and priorities enables individuals to tailor communication to their audience.

Inspiring others

Intention to lead through motivating and energising students and colleagues, uniting  them around shared goals or objectives. School leaders bring their communities together through articulating a compelling vision.

Personal drive

Sets own targets and achieves the highest standards. Self-motivated, energetic and willing to take on new challenges to improve own performance. Makes decisions having assessed what will be in the best interests of students and school.

Resilience and emotional maturity

Remains tenacious and focused when faced with increasingly challenging circumstances. responds appropriately, manages uncertainty and bounces back even in the most trying of situations.

Relating to others

Able to build relationships through picking up on and understanding the thoughts, motions and feelings of students and colleagues, identifying reasons for why others  behave the way they do.


Aware of strengths and areas for future growth. Understands how own behaviour impacts on others. Aware of own emotional triggers and identifies ways to manage these. Takes ownership for what they can do and shares out responsibilities when others are better placed to accomplish particular tasks. Sees themselves as a leader.

Strategic thinking

Able to spot patterns between potentially unrelated concepts, drawing on past  experience to understand a situation. Simplifies complex issues, is highly innovative, takes a broader view and brings in additional information to create clarity and provide direction. Thinks beyond current circumstances in order to plan for the longer term.
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