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Nick Gibb understands teacher disappointment - Teachers Reply

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Nick Gibb MP Tweets about the cockup regarding the DfE publishing the real 2016 KS1 SPAG test on it's website for 4 months before the test takes place.

He says:
I understand how much work teachers, parents and pupils put in to preparing for the tests and share their disappointment about this incident

The teachers reply:
 Vikki ‏@Vikki_M_W  10h10 hours ago
@NickGibbMP @NickyMorgan01 you don't understand at all until you go in a classroom and see the stress I'm having to inflict on my class

Jude Gill ‏@JudeandOllie  8h8 hours ago
@NickGibbMP @NickyMorgan01 I don't. 6/7 year olds don't need tests. The teachers know their capabilities the tests don't assess

 AI ‏@aamalsi  8h8 hours ago
@NickGibbMP I am not disappointed, young children do not need to be tested. They need to be creative and inquisitive and should enjoy school

 Simon Henry ‏@simon3862  9h9 hours ago
@nickgibbmp @nickymorgan01 ‘disappointment’? that’s an understatement. when are you and Nicky Morgan resigning?

 SEN MUM ‏@SENParentuk  9h9 hours ago
@NickGibbMP @NickyMorgan01  Disappointment? No! Relief that our children will not be made to sit these ridiculous test? Yes!

 Lisa ‏@MrsLMJ  10h10 hours ago
@NickGibbMP No. You don't. You worry that you might have to resign. You really should resign.

 Laura ‏@Naoisi  7h7 hours ago
@NickGibbMP @NickyMorgan01 No you don't. Try watching your 7 yr old spend his Sunday dreading school and then you might. Resign, both of you

 Pippa Wilson ‏@hellopipski  7h7 hours ago
@NickGibbMP I'm sorry pupils are subjected to these ridiculous hoop jumping exercises. Can't we focus on HOW children learn?

 RBC ‏@RachLilBC  7h7 hours ago
@NickGibbMP when will you lot realise that 7 year olds shouldn't be spending their time preparing for a test? This mistake is a blessing.

 Wendy D ‏@Carbisrepta  7h7 hours ago
@NickGibbMP interesting how teachers' judgements were suddenly good enough when you had to scrap the test.

 Dan Glentworth ‏@mister_d_gee  8h8 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Find some integrity and scrap the system that is so obviously flawed! #MakeADifference You can!

 Neil Mossey ‏@NeilMossey  3h3 hours ago
.@NickGibbMP No disappointment here! Here's what every UK parent of a 6 yr old thinks of your #ks1 spag daftness

 Rachel Oldroyd ‏@raquelster69  7h7 hours ago
@NickGibbMP I fear you understand very little. The disappointment is that these unnecessary tests exist at all, not about this "incident".

 Roz Mac ‏@rosamundj  7h7 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Maybe they shouldn't simply be preparing 4 tests,maybe achievement comes from stimulating teaching not rote learning #ks1sats

 A Bolton Deputy ‏@Educationchat  2h2 hours ago
.@NickGibbMP I'm not disappointed! I'm delighted!

Can someone please leak/publish in error the KS2 tests?


 Yrotitna ‏@yrotitna  4h4 hours ago
@NickGibbMP you are completely incompetent and if you had a modicum of decency you would resign #spag

 Jo Morgans ‏@JMorgans74  4h4 hours ago
@NickGibbMP the evidence collection for y2 is unmanageable. The statements archaic. Exclamation sentences- who speaks or writes in that way?

 S{X}3 ‏@PrincesBold  6h6 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Will you, like a Head Teacher would be expected to do, resign your position for this failure?

 mark drake ‏@alarmed6876  6h6 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Hope you will be subject to capability measures after been found inadequate.Clear your desk and go.

 thespraytancompany ‏@honeytans  8h8 hours ago
@NickGibbMP its not a disappointment it's brilliant news! your stressing children out at too young an age, let them enjoy learning

 Helen ‏@HelenMagi  8h8 hours ago
@NickGibbMP  Just resign & maybe a Head short of qualified staff will hire you and @NickyMorgan01  to teach subordinate clauses.

 Kate Thompson ‏@thepetitioner  8h8 hours ago
@NickGibbMP You want accountability from Education? So when will you be explaining  mismanagement of public money, resources & time.

 Iain Michael Erskine ‏@IMErskine54  46m46 minutes ago Peterborough, England
@NickGibbMP I thought that the official line was that we should not prepare for tests or should we now teach to the test?

 alison ‏@alijohanne  1h1 hour ago
@NickGibbMP the only disappointment is that the tests exist. Your dept - complete shambles. You don't listen and don't care. Resign

 Charlotte Halkett ‏@charliehalkett  2h2 hours ago
@NickGibbMP @NickyMorgan01 I hope you Sincerily mean that...

 Miss Lee ‏@kt_lee  4h4 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Also laughing at the fact that one of the spellings was 'knew'... With the line- 'the children knew all of the words' ! Ha!

 Miss Lee ‏@kt_lee  4h4 hours ago
@NickGibbMP @NickyMorgan01 no disappointment here either! The whole situation is laughable. What a shambles.

 JH ‏@lasydaisymoo  5h5 hours ago
@NickGibbMP What about the pupils who have already sat these tests and the teachers who have had to cram in test content for an early test?

 Elaine Golding ‏@Elainebks  5h5 hours ago
@NickGibbMP  I wonder how I managed to be literate without your new regime? By being encouraged to ENJOY reading and writing!

 Ginger Harps ‏@AndreaCQ14  5h5 hours ago
@NickGibbMP This is NOT disappointment. This is fury. You are ruining children's childhoods for meaningless tests and are incompetent

 Simon White ‏@primarydep  6h6 hours ago
I'm afraid @NickGibbMP that you don't understand at all.

 Neal Phillips ‏@NealPhillips  6h6 hours ago
@NickGibbMP no worries, I'm sure you'll find something else make a botch of soon enough.

 Jenny Harrison ‏@HenJenny  6h6 hours ago
@NickGibbMP 'sincerely' is on the spelling list. Maybe you should make @NickyMorgan01 take the test.

 carolinemcn ‏@carolinewwm  6h6 hours ago
@NickGibbMP No you don't understand. You really don't.
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 Emma Negus-Hill ‏@enegushill  8h8 hours ago
@NickGibbMP no, annoyance that this has become a never ending circus of disasters!

 James Atkins ‏@James_M_Atkins  10h10 hours ago
@NickGibbMP forced academisation, non parent led free schools, and now this. Great job.

 AT ‏@acet2001  1m1 minute ago
@NickGibbMP I think the leak was deliberate. The tests have been heavily criticised and now you have a year to amend them.

 AT ‏@acet2001  2m2 minutes ago
@NickGibbMP You actually don't. Now, do the decent thing and resign. Ah, of course, that won't happen, you're a Tory.

 Laura-Jane Addley ‏@LJAddley  18m18 minutes ago
@NickGibbMP idiot

 Steve George ‏@Garibaldi_red  2h2 hours ago
@NickGibbMP What? Disappointed that my 7 year old daughters have 1 less test? They are 7!!!!!

 Kim Phillips ‏@KimPhil99375767  2h2 hours ago
@NickGibbMP my daughter is not even 7 yet!! I am very grateful that this has happened. Thank you for some good news.. :-)

 Lisa ‏@MrsLMJ  2h2 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Still no response to the balls up in the reading test either. #incompetent #Nick&NickyMustResign

 Gavin Johnston ‏@gav_j  2h2 hours ago
@NickGibbMP time the dfe took some accountability for their shambolic actions. What a mess!

 Lisa ‏@MrsLMJ  2h2 hours ago
@gav_j @NickGibbMP hmmmm, a school would be 'inadequate' and slt sacked. #Reading #test also shambolic

 RossCoVonPeaCo ‏@RossCoVonPeaCo  2h2 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Just admit it: your meddling has been a disaster. We all know it. You know it. But I don't doubt you'll keep denying it.

 Timbo ‏@nedchester  3h3 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Actually Nick you don't give a toss about teachers or pupils otherwise you'd have listened to them.

 Nicki Cleveland ‏@Nicki_Cleveland  3h3 hours ago
@NickGibbMP Imagine how much work our Year 9 boys have put into their GCSEs to be told they'll have to start from scratch.

 teacher ‏@teacher_59hrs  3h3 hours ago
@NickGibbMP @NickyMorgan01 You clearly didn't hear the shouts of joy from every infant class. Do you set out to antagonise?

 John Boyd ‏@johnjmsboyd  3h3 hours ago
@NickGibbMP @NickyMorgan01 Hope you are going to be subject to capability measures as a Head would certainly be if guilty of such inadequacy

 Jo Morgans ‏@JMorgans74  4h4 hours ago
@NickGibbMP what an incompetent department you have!

 Jo Morgans ‏@JMorgans74  4h4 hours ago
@NickGibbMP just admit you dont have a clue.
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