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Which Values are Delivered in Your School's Assemblies?

You may only select up to 20 options.

Values Assemblies Poll

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Values Assemblies Poll
« on: January 28, 2015, 05:02:30 PM »
Which Values are Used Most in School Assembly?

Many schools have Assemblies based on Values. But which values are being delivered in schools?
Are some values delivered more often than others? What about British Values? Will schools need to change what they deliver in response to the latest DfE guidance?

Let us know which values your school delivers in Assemblies.

You can choose a maximum of 20 of the Values, or any number less.
You may feel that you want to put more than 20 but if so choose your top 20.
If you choose more than 20 you will be asked to go back and reduce your choices.

After you have entered yours you will be able to see what other schools are saying. Should be interesting. Return to see how the numbers change as more schools get involved and enter their data.

Thanks for taking the time to take part.

Here are some ideas for Values Assemblies

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