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Results for motivation
Subject Started by Replies Views
Be a Mr. Jensenadmin0320
Senses - Puppy Guide Dog Trainingadmin0643
Motivation - Why Not Now: Vivian Stanciladmin01703
Aspirations - Dynamo - Presentationadmin01703
Back to School Motivation Presentationadmin01614
Dreams - Rudimental - With Emeli Sandéadmin01461
Determination - Russian Piano Prodigy has no Fingersadmin02323
Goals - Persevere and you will get there - Small boy scores- Starteradmin01799
Motivation - Stuck on an Escalator - Reach Your Goalsadmin27074
Animation - Animated chocolate cake zoetropes by Alexandre Dubosc- Starteradmin01024
Resilience - Daisies growing in lawn are cut and regrow - Starteradmin09910
Encouragement - A Pep Talk from Kid President to Youadmin01831
Motivation - Just Do It - Shia LaBeoufadmin02469
Influence - A Pebble In The Pond - Can One Person Change the World?admin02558
Sleepy - Mochi the Pug Yawning - Starteradmin01050
Ambition - Action Movie Kid - Volume 2admin02462
Motivation - Quotesadmin01349
Aim High - Starteradmin04071
Ambition - What Most Schools Don't Teach These Billionairesadmin03008
Ambition - Big Fish - A Goldfish only grows as big as its bowladmin06033
Ambition - The Pursuit of Happinessadmin06333
Inspiration - Steve Jobs Inspirational Quotesadmin12624
Inspiration - Inspirational Slidesadmin02505
Inspiration - Inspiration Squaredadmin01882
Exams - I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fateadmin02618
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