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ASCL blueprint for self-improving system

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ASCL blueprint for self-improving system
« on: February 24, 2015, 09:50:38 PM »
ASCL BluePrint

We believe the following principles are fundamental to unleashing greatness in our education system:

Quality and equality: A good education for all is a central principle of our blueprint. We believe achievement can be realised at scale for all children and young people. We reject determinism either by social background or by perceived intelligence.

Intelligent accountability: The highest form of accountability is the individual’s professional accountability for the quality of his or her own work and to the people who the profession serves. In a self-improving system, we believe that teachers and school leaders must be agents of their own accountability. The role of the state is to determine the accountability measures in the interests of the electorate, incentivising policies and behaviours that contribute to a high-quality education for all.

Evidence: We believe that there is a need for a strong system for analysing evidence so that it can be integrated with professional expertise to improve the quality of practice and outcomes for students. Both policy and practice should be evidence-informed.

Collaboration and partnership: There is a strong correlation between collaborative cultures and system success. We believe in continuous improvement through principled strategic partnerships. School systems improve when the quality of teaching improves. We believe it is necessary to consciously build professional capital and trust among teachers and create the conditions for teachers to work together to improve practice within and across schools.

Subsidiarity: We believe that decision-making should be devolved to the most immediate level consistent with its implementation and to the place closest to students – to schools. This is our preferred definition of the principle that is elsewhere referred to as ‘autonomy.’ In a system in which subsidiarity is the norm, there must be strong and intelligent accountability. Thus subsidiarity and accountability are twin principles.

Common good: We believe that education is for the common good. A good education creates the social conditions that allow young people, both as individuals and in groups, to reach their fulfilment more fully and more easily. A good education system builds character and resilience in all young people. We accept that sometimes the imperative for the common good must override subsidiarity – government has a role to play in ensuring that the system serves all equally well.
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