Last Minute School Assembly – Don’t Panic!

Last Minute School Assembly

Ever Have to Create That Last Minute School Assembly?

A last minute school assembly can be the result of several things. A colleague who was due to take assembly may have called in sick, or you may have made a mistake with the assembly rota. Whatever the cause, this needs sorting FAST!

If this has happened to you before, you may have created a backup plan, and have a spare assembly lying around just for this moment. But then again you probably have not.

Can AssemblyTube Help?

You need something fast. You can download something free. e.g. Practice Makes Perfect Assembly PowerPoint.

If you are an AssemblyTube Club Member you have many more options available for instant download. In fact you have a whole Assembly Downloads Section. There is even a “Survival Kit” section which might be helpful.

Be Prepared

You might prefer to avoid some of the stress of preparing a last minute school assembly by creating a backup plan. We suggest that you put some essential materials onto a USB stick specifically for this purpose. An easy way to do this is to get hold of an AssemblyTube EasyPlay.