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    AssemblyTube was created by teachers with 20+ years' experience of delivering school assemblies, to help teachers find relevant material for assemblies, primarily in the form of video. AssemblyTube is free to use because we want to encourage the sharing of ideas.
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The map shows members’ approximate location rather than their actual address. You can browse the map by dragging and zooming. You can use the top boxes to search for members near a particular place (Add zip address or just the name of a location). If you leave the member username box blank, you will find all members near that particular place. Why not see if you can find yourself on the map by typing your username in the search box. Which AssemblyTube members are based near you? Icons for members located in exactly the same place are stacked so double click on the icon when you zoom in and the member icons should spring apart. (You might like to collaborate with local colleagues, sharing Assembly ideas using the direct messaging system within AssemblyTube Database). Click on any marker to see the details.