How Does it Make You Feel?

Is the song happy? Sad? Exciting? Does the feeling change during the song? Why does the song make you feel this way?

What Instruments Do You Hear?

Can you hear drums? Wind instruments? Strings? Voices? Synthesized sounds? If you don’t know the specific name of an instrument, simply describe it.

Is This Song Fast or Slow?

To help you decide, try clapping or tapping along with the song. Listen for fast parts and slow parts happening at the same time.

What Is the Melody?

The melody is the part that will be sung if there are words. If there aren’t any words, then find the melody by listening for what you’d hum along to if you were humming with the music.


If the song has lyrics, what are the lyrics about? How does the mood of the music work together with the lyrics to create meaning?

Time Signatures

If you know about time signatures, try to figure out the time signature of the piece of music you’re listening to. Clapping or tapping along can help with this.