100 Primary School Books Children Should Read

Looking for the top 100 Primary School Books that children should read? The TES and the National Association for the Teaching of English ran a survey to find teachers’ top 100 fiction books all children should read before leaving primary school. Here are the results. Top 100 BooksBooks 1 to ... Read More

Aesops Fables Assembly With Values

Aesops Fables are Great Stories for Assembly Here is AssemblyTube’s Aesop’s Fables with Values Assemblies Links. Hover & click the right arrow to turn the pages, or click to enlarge. Download it from the TES Resources Website or get become an AssemblyTube Member and get it FREE here. What are Fables? Fables are ... Read More

Assembly Story Book Free

Everyone loves an Assembly Story. Now members can download our Assembly Story Book absolutely free of charge. 50 great Assembly Stories to have handy for whenever you might need a good story. Why not keep a copy on your PC, mobile phone or tablet, ready for that last minute Assembly. ... Read More

5 Minute Assembly Plan

Use AssemblyTube’s 5 Minute Assembly Plan to Deliver Values Assemblies in Your School for the year ahead. Using these downloads, you can create your outline plan in 5 minutes. We now include “British Values” as defined by the DfE. Watch this video to see how easy it is. Download the files which are below the video. ... Read More

1000 Assembly Videos

This is what our Assembly Videos Record Sheet looks like. It is a Word document. Download it FREE here. This is just page 1 of the KS2 Free Download. The full document has several pages and links to 490 videos, and the titles on the left are hyperlinks to free Assembly videos. Included in the ... Read More

Free Assembly Downloads Quick Tip

Why not put several of our free downloads in your basket before checking out. That way you can get lots of ideas free in one visit.   Paid Downloads We hope you enjoy our free downloads. Of course we would love you to buy some of our paid for downloads as well. Downloading works in ... Read More

Try Before You Buy

Make sure our PowerPoints will work well before you purchase. Download this →FREE Assembly PowerPoint Presentation← After you have downloaded this presentation, open it in PowerPoint. Choose the slideshow to see how the slides move, and try all the links to videos. Have a go at editing the PowerPoint. If ... Read More

Last Minute School Assembly – Don’t Panic!

Ever Have to Create That Last Minute School Assembly? A last minute school assembly can be the result of several things. A colleague who was due to take assembly may have called in sick, or you may have made a mistake with the assembly rota. Whatever the cause, this needs ... Read More

Word of the Day

Start Your Assembly With a Word of the Day Use the menu at the bottom to view in full screen. Alternatively download to your own computer and show using PowerPoint. This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial

You use PowerPoint to create presentations for your Assembly, but you are not quite sure about some of the finer details of the program. We have the solution here. Watch the complete video or use the chapter links below it to find something quickly. 00:70 Welcome to PowerPoint 2016 01:00 ... Read More

Fixing Links in AssemblyTube Downloads

If you have a problem with links not working in your AssemblyTube PowerPoint download, this may be caused by an incompatibility between your version of PowerPoint and the version of PowerPoint we used to create the presentation. More information on this. Resolving Your Problem To help you resolve this problem ... Read More