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Web Tools for Teachers

It is difficult to keep up to date with all the latest software on the Web that might help you in your work as a teacher. Here are some ideas that you might find useful. Direct link for iPad users http://www.slideshare.net/rscapin/the-best-web-20-tools-for-teachers-2012-edition?

Assembly Crisps – Which Flavour?

The Crisp Flavour Test. Choose 2 students with no allergies, then blindfold them. Before the assembly you open up the crisps at the bottom and swap over the contents into different packets. Once blindfolded, you tell them they have to guess the flavour. They will shout out ‘cheese and onion’ ... Read More

Using a Wireless Pointer in Assembly

This one even allows you to blank the screen whenever you need to. There are many models of pointer available. For those that are interested, this particular model is available here.

Add Video to a PowerPoint Presentation

You have downloaded a video from AssemblyTube or Youtube so that you can use it in your assembly. You can play this video on your laptop and project it to the students. Wouldn’t it be good if you could have the video run from inside the Powerpoint Presentation. Well you ... Read More

Presentations – Don’t Kill Your Audience!

Many people use Powerpoint when presenting information. However, we have all heard the phrase “death by Powerpoint”. Direct link to this slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/satyajeet_02/how-to-make-effective-presentation This negative connection is probably due to most of us having sat through many Powerpoint presentations which are of poor quality. Well designed Powerpoint presentations will enhance your ... Read More

Using Slideshare in Assembly

Have you discovered Slideshare yet? There are lots of slideshows in Slideshare which are free to use. Many can be useful in school assemblies, like this one on Wacky Inventions. Direct link to this Slideshare Presentation http://www.slideshare.net/lucywads/50-wacky-inventions AssemblyTube is looking for Slideshare shows, which could be useful in school assemblies. Here ... Read More

Using Music in Assemblies

AssemblyTube Music Section is where you can find music relevant to assemblies. Each piece of music also has a video component. Many schools use music in school assemblies, but having the video component adds an extra dimension. It gives the students something to focus on whilst they are listening to the ... Read More

Powerpoint and Video: The Alt-Tab tip.

Using the ‘ALT-TAB’ Keys One of the features that Windows gives us, is to allow us to run several programs at the same time. Typically in an assembly, I will have one window with my PowerPoint show, and another window with an AssemblyTube video about to play. Often, I find ... Read More