PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial

You use PowerPoint to create presentations for your Assembly, but you are not quite sure about some of the finer details of the program. We have the solution here. Watch the complete video or use the chapter links below it to find something quickly.

00:70 Welcome to PowerPoint 2016 01:00 Getting Started with PowerPoint – Understanding the User Interface in PowerPoint 05:07 Creating your first presentation from scratch in PowerPoint 2016 11:55 Applying a design theme to your PowerPoint presentation 17:58 Learn how to use the PowerPoint Designer: Design Ideas 20:43 Learn how to import and reuse slides in PowerPoint 2016 23:01 Learn how to insert pictures in a presentation 26:35 Learn how to insert images from the Internet and apply Design Ideas 28:46 Learn how to apply SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016 33:28 Learn how to insert charts in PowerPoint 37:22 Learn how to insert and customize shapes in PowerPoint 39:05 Learn how to insert videos and multimedia 44:10 Learn how to insert audio and music in slides 47:40 Learn how to use Screen Capture and embeding 50:47 Learn how to use the Morph Transition in PowerPoint 2016 56:31 Learn how to use animations in PowerPoint 1:03:44 Learn how to use Advanced Grouping and Animation – Advanced Features 1:20:57 Learn how to record a slide presentation 1:25:17 Learn how to customize the Slide Master in PowerPoint 2016 1:29:50 Learn Rehearse timings in PowerPoint 1:32:56 Learn how to use notes in slides 1:37:12 Learn how to use the Presentation View in PowerPoint 2016 1:40:00 Learn how to use Quick Styles in PowerPoint 1:42:14 Learn how ot create a Photo Album 1:44:40 Learn how to email your presentation 1:46:04 Learn how to save in PDF 1:47:12 Learn how to save the presentation in .mp4 video 1:52:36 Learn how to use templates in PowerPoint 1:56:56 Setup a custom slideshow 1:59:06 Screenshot option in PowerPoint 2:02:35 Using the Tell Me feature in PowerPoint 2:04:32 Changing the Office theme 2:06:07 Tips and Guidelines on using PowerPoint