Primary School Assembly Ideas

Need Inspiration for your Primary School Assembly?
primary school assembly

AssemblyTube can help with lots of videos and scripts specifically for you.


Whether you want a KS1 Assembly idea or a KS2 Assembly idea, AssemblyTube has the answer. 500 Primary Assembly Videos.

Below are lots of primary school assembly ideas for KS1 and KS2.

KS1 Assembly Ideas Here

What do your pupils want to be? What are their ambitions?

KS2 Assembly Ideas Here

Lion King – Circle of Life. What will you become? No-one remains a child. What does your future hold? How will you get there?

Searching for an Idea

If you have a topic in mind your can search the AssemblyTube Database.

Alternatively you can try using AssemblyTube tags.

Primary Assembly Scripts Here

Perhaps you are looking for a script for a full assembly. Here are some Primary Assembly Scripts.


Primary School Assembly Books Here

If you are looking for assembly books try the AssemblyTube Bookshop.

Assembly Bookshop

AssemblyTube Shop has some great deals on Assembly Books


AssemblyTube Shop has some great deals on Assembly Books