Tired of Boring Assemblies?

Looking for ways to make your school assembly more exciting?

Your student audience has grown up with computers, the internet, mobile phones, 500 TV channels, Youtube, ipads, 24 hour TV etc. When you were at school, a lot of this was only just being developed, (or did not exist at all!) Do your students learn anything from this plethora of exciting visual stimuli? Of course they do!

Your school assembly message is competing for their attention. Students have learnt to switch off whilst being bombarded by all this stimulation. Your message needs to stand out to have any chance of getting across and making an impact. Your message needs to be highly visual. There is a place for a teacher to stand at the front of the assembly hall and drone on for 15 minutes. But mainly this teaches the students that they don’t have to listen to that boring old geezer (or geezette) at the front.

Enliven your assemblies with video. Try AssemblyTube Forum. Best of all it is completely FREE.


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