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Installing Free EasyPlay Lite Software

EasyPlay Options


With your EasyPlay Lite software downloaded onto your computer, push your USB stick into a spare USB port on your computer. Use Windows as shown in this video, (or if you have an older version of Windows that does not unzip files, use WinRar or WinZip) to unzip the EasyPlay Lite software onto the root of your USB stick. (If you want to use WinRar instead of Windows to do the unzipping you can download a working trial version of WinRar here.)

Installation is now complete. All of the EasyPlay software is now on the USB stick. (NB “root” means not inside another folder)

This USB stick with this software installed, now acts exactly like a standard EasyPlay but does not have all of the functions of the standard EasyPlay. You should still find it very useful when using files in school and at home.

Starting Your EasyPlay

After installation you can use the USB stick with any Windows computer. Insert the USB stick into a spare USB port and it will appear as a removable drive. The letter of the drive will vary and will depend on which Windows computer it is inserted into. Windows will automatically allocate a spare drive letter. From Windows Explorer, go to this removable drive letter, and you will see something like this on your USB stick.


To start using your EasyPlay, double Click on starteasyplay and the EasyPlay Menu will appear. Each EasyPlay menu item has built in notes to guide you through its use.


If you do need support with your EasyPlay, create and then log in to your EasyPlay account and create a “support ticket”. Responses are posted in the same area but you must be logged in to read them.