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    AssemblyTube was created by teachers with 20+ years' experience of delivering school assemblies, to help teachers find relevant material for assemblies, primarily in the form of video. AssemblyTube is free to use because we want to encourage the sharing of ideas.
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 Some of the feedback from recent purchasers of the EasyPlay.


***** Rophall      EasyPlay has great features.

How much is one hour of your time worth?  I would recommend the EasyPlay 100%.

***** Jeanette      Feedback from a Headteacher

Click to read Jeanette’s detailed feedback.

***** DaveT      Fast Setup

It was so easy to set up. Just plugged it in to my laptop and it was working within a few seconds. Nothing to install. It worked straight away. Very impressed.


***** LindsV      Good Value

I think the EasyPlay is very good value. I have lots of assembly videos and scripts stored on mine. I can also easily pass it to my deputy to deliver an assembly if I am not in school and it works for her without me having to give her any passwords or login details. Very pleased with it.


***** BigBill      No More YouTube Problems

Before the EasyPlay I had lots of problems with YouTube blocks in school. It seemed to depend on who was logged in as to whether YouTube would work. Now I can put my videos on the EasyPlay at home and then just plug it in to the assembly room computer, and everything works. Much less stress. One less thing to worry about. Great. Highly recommended.


***** Jeanette      Easy to Use

I found the EasyPlay so simple to use. It has transformed how I deliver school assemblies.


***** SamVo      Bought Them For The Team

I bought one of these and was so impressed I decided to buy one for each of my leadership team. Brownie points all round.


***** Sarah81      Helped My Planning

The EasyPlay has been a real help for me with planning assemblies. I can stay organised and everything for my assemblies is in one place. Wish I had found it earlier.