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YouTube Download Filename Error

The Problem

Changes by YouTube are causing the YouTube Downloader software to name the downloaded file as “https___youtube.com_devicesupport”, instead of its correct name.

We are working on a fix for this which we will provide as a free download on this site.

In the meantime, to get round this problem you can rename the video file after it has been downloaded.

So, download the file as normal, then locate the file with Windows file manager and rename it.

How to Rename the File

Right click on the video file you have downloaded and select “rename”. You can call the video whatever you like. (Do not change the file extension – the 3 characters after the dot e.g. mp4)

The video files should still download correctly.

The latest version of the downloader software is here.

To see if you need an update, check the version of your YouTube Downloader software by looking at the version number in the bottom left hand corner. It should look like or higher. Compare this number to the one on the page linked to above.

Fix Now Available

Version is now available and fixes this filename error. Download it from here and follow the installation instructions on that page. With the fix installed the downloaded files should be named correctly.

Important Change in How to Use the Downloader Software.

Go to YouiTube as normal to find the video you wish to download. However, instead of pasting in the “Share” link into the Video URL box, copy the full URL from the top of your browser into this box. Then click download.