Assembly Records – AssemblyTube Saves Time

Keeping Assembly Records is good for many reasons.

Assembly RecordsIn the first instance you need a plan anyway.

If you record exactly what you plan to do and keep the details it will be much easier if you want to repeat that Assembly in the future. AssemblyTube gives you an easy way to keep an Assembly Record.

Watch this video for how to do it.

Google Docs

The document show in this video is a Google Doc and the video shows it being saved as a Word Document. If you are familiar with Google Docs you can do many other things with this document. For example you might want to keep it as a Google Doc and keep it in your own personal Google Drive.

You are free to manage your Assembly Records however you wish, and edit this document to suit your own needs.

Tip: With the Word Document that you have downloaded, click on the blue hyperlinks to get hundreds of instant Assembly ideas.


If you want more Assembly documents try our Assembly Downloads Page.