Customising Your Assembly Presentation

Want a Different Look?

You may have purchased one of our AssemblyTube Presentations but would like a different look. We make our presentations in a generic style but this might not suit you or your school. If you have several of our presentations you might want to make each have a different look instead of the same look.

Just One Click

It is very easy to change the look of an AssemblyTube Presentation with just a few clicks of your mouse. Why not have a go and make our presentations unique to you.

Watch the Video

The video below shows you how easy it is to ring the changes. Go on, be creative!

Quick and Easy

You can see how easy it is to do in this video. It really is simple and quick.

Why not download some of our PowerPoints and start customising.

You can make all the PowerPoints in your school style, or make each one different.

Click the button below to start experimenting today.