Classic Books for Free

On February 13 2016 the Department for Education (DfE) proudly launched its “New classic books in schools initiative“.

The list of books is aimed at enriching the reading material of key stage 3 students, as Nick Gibbs makes clear in his supporting statement. “It is important that all pupils in secondary school are taught to read and enjoy challenging books from amongst the world’s greatest literature.

Penguin is offering “secondary schools classroom sets of 30 copies of each of the 100 titles for a package price of £3,000

Is there an alternative to stumping up £3,000? Yes, and it’s here for free.

Just ask your students to click on a link to download a copy onto their smartphone or tablet.

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1.               JourneyToTheCentreOfTheEarth JULES VERNE
2.               MadameBovary GUSTAVE FLAUBERT
3.               Inferno DANTE ALIGHIERI
4.               The Epic Of Gilgamesh
5.               The Death Of King Arthur
6.               GreatExpectations CHARLES DICKENS
7.               Candide VOLTAIRE
8.               TheThirty-nineSteps JOHN BUCHAN
9.               ThePictureOfDorianGray OSCAR WILDE
10.            TalesFromTheDecameron GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO
11.            TheWarOfTheWorlds H.G. WELLS
12.            AnnaKarenina LEO TOLSTOY
13.            TheMillOnTheFloss GEORGE ELIOT
14.            TheFallOfTheHouseOfUsher & OtherWritings EDGAR ALLAN POE
15.            The Penguin Book Of Modern African Poetry
16.            Tales of 1,001 Nights
17.            LadyAudley’sSecret MARY ELIZABETH BRADDON
18.            TheLadyWithTheLittleDogAndOtherStories ANTON CHEKHOV
19.            Alice’sAdventuresInWonderland And ThroughTheLookingGlass LEWIS CARROLL
20.            TheSecretAgent JOSEPH CONRAD
21.            TheCossacks And OtherStories LEO TOLSTOY
22.            Meditations MARCUS AURELIUS
23.            TenDaysThatShookTheWorld JOHN REED
24.            ThePrince NICCOLÒ MACHIAVELLI
25.            LettersToAYoungPoet RAINER MARIA RILKE
26.            FathersAndSons IVAN TURGENEV
27.            Untouchable MULK RAJ ANAND
28.            TheThreeMusketeers ALEXANDER DUMAS
29.            The Saga Of The Volsungs
30.            Selected Poems(1817) & (1820) JOHN KEATS
31.            ARoomWithAView E.M. FORSTER
32.            The Penguin Book Of Classical Arabic Literature
33.            Scottish Folk And FairyTales From Burns To Buchan
34.            TreasureIsland ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON
35.            Selected Poems ROBERT BURNS
36.            TheMayorOfCasterbridge THOMAS HARDY
37.            Walden HENRY DAVID THOREAU
38.            OnTheOriginOfSpecies CHARLES DARWIN
39.            TheTurnOfTheScrew HENRY JAMES
40.            TheTwelveCaesars SUETONIUS
41.            RomeoAndJuliet WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE
42.            WutheringHeights EMILY BRONTË
43.            RobinsonCrusoe DANIEL DEFOE
45.            TwelfthNight WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE
46.            The House Of Ulloa EMILIA PARDO BAZÁN
47.            TheInterestingNarrative And Other Writings OLAUDAH EQUIANO
48.            AgricolaAndGermania TACITUS
50.            TheWomanInWhite WILKIE COLLINS
51.            The Dhammapada
52.            TwelveYearsASlave SOLOMON NORTHUP
53.            EthanFrome EDITH WHARTON
54.            TheBeastWithin EMILE ZOLA
55.            TheAdventuresOfSherlockHolmes SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE
56.            Kim RUDYARD KIPLING
57.            TheAwakeningAndSelectedStories KATE CHOPIN
58.            AChristmasCarol CHARLES DICKENS
59.            MobyDick HERMAN MELVILLE
60.            ParadiseLost JOHN MILTON
61.            TheConferenceOfTheBirds FARID ATTAR
62.            WonderfulAdventuresOfMrsSeacoleInManyLands MARY SEACOLE
63.            TheOdyssey HOMER
64.            TheTenantOfWildfellHall ANNE BRONTË
65.            TravelsInWestAfrica MARY KINGSLEY
66.            TheAnalects CONFUCIUS
67.            TheGardenPartyAndOtherStories KATHERINE MANSFIELD
68.            Cold Comfort Farm STELLA GIBBONS
69.            TheNarrowRoadToTheDeepNorthAndOtherTravelSketches MATSUO BASHO
70.            JaneEyre CHARLOTTE BRONTË
71.            DavidCopperfield CHARLES DICKENS
72.            Landscape With Figures RICHARDJEFFERIES
73.            Selected Poems WILLIAM BLAKE
74.            Villette CHARLOTTE BRONTË
75.            TheCanterburyTales GEOFFREY CHAUCER
76.            TheLostEstate HENRI ALAIN-FOURNIER
77.            Dracula BRAM STOKER
78.            TessOfTheD’Urbervilles THOMAS HARDY
79.            Middlemarch GEORGE ELIOT
80.            Persuasion JANE AUSTEN
81.            TheYellowWallpaper, Herland And Selected Writings CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN
82.            TheHoundOfTheBaskervilles SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE
83.            AParisianAffairAndOtherStories GUY DE MAUPASSANT
84.            RussianShortStories From Pushkin To Buida
85.            TheScarletLetter NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE
86.            LittleWomen LOUISA MAY ALCOTT
87.            TheMalayArchipelagoVol1 and Vol2 ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE
88.            NotreDameDeParis VICTOR HUGO
89.            Selected Tales THE BROTHERS GRIMM
90.            CrimeAndPunishment FYODOR DOSTOYEVSKY
91.            Evelina FRANCES BURNEY
92.            Gulliver’sTravels JONATHAN SWIFT
93.            SonsAndLovers D.H. LAWRENCE
94.            3 Poets Of The First World War IVORGURNEY, WILFREDOWEN & ISAACROSENBERG
95.            Beowulf
96.            Frankenstein MARY SHELLEY
97.            The Bhagavad Gita
98.            NorthAndSouth ELIZABETH GASKELL
99.            PrideAndPrejudice JANE AUSTEN
100.         TheManWhoWasThursday G.K. CHESTERTON